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Resident in Switzerland, the BELOG group is active in Czech Republic since 1990, particularly in the region of Brno.

Czech Republic has developed within 15 years to an extremely attractive production and logistics location; the entry to the EU in 2004 accelerated this development additionally. Brno belongs to the fastest growing industrial regions of Czech Republic and plays an important role as a logistics and transportation hub throughout Europe.

By experience we know the chances and challenges arising when relocating and building up a company in Czech Republic; this makes us a competent contact, in Switzerland as well as in Czech Republic. With pleasure we share our longtime experiences, ideas and contacts and give you on site advice with the choice of suitable objects and the realisation of your project: competently, extensively and practically oriented.

Czech Republic as investment location


The following documents (pdf) give a short overview:

General Information : Allgemeine Informationen (only available in German)

The property market : Der Immobilienmarkt (only available in German)

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